​​P​erfect Y​ou Services
Our mobile nail service offers the relaxation and convenience that you deserve. No need to leave your home to get that one-on-one attention we all appreciate. If you enjoy detailed artwork on your nails, in your home allows the time needed for that type of service. We cater to the individual or party size events. Get the same quality service with warmed towels and heated pedicures whether its just you, a wedding group or a birthday party.
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manicure tools


​What better way to pamper your feet than with Morgan Taylor's BareLuxury 4 step system that comes in Calm, Detox, Energy, or Renew and is scented with essential oils.
Soak: cleanses, softens, and purifies
​Energy Detox Masque: detoxifies, brightens, and revives
Salt Scrub: with sea salt and soothing oils to exfoliate
Massage Butter: rehydrates
​Top your nails with a polish or gel and beautiful art work of your choice.

Detox pedicure
Calm Pedicure
BareLuxury Morgan Taylor
Energy Pedicure
Renew Pedicure


​I do what is called a dry manicure. No more soaking your fingertips in water. Bodipure's Keratin Gloves promotes nail strengthening and skin nourishment. Bodipure is Paraben and Triclosan free. After triming of the nails your hands go into the Keratin Gloves. Then they will be placed in warm Terrycloth mits to help open the pours so you get the most out of your manicure.  After removing gloves and cleaning nails, a relaxing hand and arm massage. Finish with any color and artwork of your choice.

Keratin gloves

​​Acrylic Powder Dip

​Due to the chemical nature of traditional Acrylic that should not be used in a home because of improper ventilation, I use Gelish Powder Dip. There are no harsh smells and most people find that they get the same strength as traditional and because it is only hand filed there is less acrylc dust flying around. After your acrylics have been finished, if you so choose, you can add any gel color and artwork for that         ​​Perfect ​Y​ou long lasting color and shine.

Extreme Acrylic Powder Dip


​I use Hand and Nail Harmony Gelish products for all of my Gel Services.
I enjoy using this high quality product because of it's versitility and speed of use. Gelish colors can be mixed to create the P​erfect ​Y​ou color you're looking for. When matching wedding colors this is very helpful. No harsh filing helping to protect your natural nail. If nessecary it can be removed safely at home.

Hand and Nail Harmony Gelish